Hi would like to introduce myself. Although this is all on my profile i was hoping others would join in so we could have a more robust community of caregivers. I am currently the caregiver for my wife who suffered a rupture brain aneurysm. She has made improvements and there might be a day she can care for herself again. I hear a lot of people tell me that i need to take care of myself. while i don’t disagree it is not as simple as that. I am also interested in strategies for dealing with her and my anger and frustration.

Hi, Spousecaregiver. I am my disabled sister’s caregiver, and I also hear that I need to take care of myself. And you’re right, it’s not as simple as that. I don’t think I know how to take care of myself any more, I’ve been focused on taking care of my sister for so long.
I’m familiar with ruptured brain aneurysms, since I had one a little more than 20 years ago. (And I’m a caregiver? How’d that happen?) You don’t mention the source of your anger and frustration, but if it’s from a need for brain aneurysm information, I suggest you take a look at bafound.org, the Brain Aneurysm Foundation’s website. They have a lot of good info there.
Getting back to taking care of yourself, I can’t give any ideas, but maybe someone reading this can. I hope someone can, since I’m sure many caregivers, in addition to Spousecaregiver and me, can use that help.

Thank you for your suggestions. I have been on bafound.org they have been very helpful and supportive. Some of my anger and frustration comes from my wife being unwilling to do things she is capable of, she just will not. She just does not want to take of herself or anything else. I also am angry about having to be the decision maker for everything including if i am making the choices about her health care.
My i ask how long after your aneurysm you felt something like yourself.

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Just a question from me… did you find the bafsupport.org website, which is the bafound online support forum? They have a very active online community there.

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Yes i did. They have been helpful thank you.