The Roller Coaster

So, I am on the uphill climb of this roller coaster once again. My BH has been having some serious setbacks lately. Her tremor is back along with her stutter, aphasia, balance and confusion. An EEG needs to be ran and yet another MRI/MRA (like she hasn’t had enough of them)! I still get anxious and worried every time. How do I stop myself from getting like this EVERY SINGLE TIME?

That’s a lot to deal with. It makes sense that you would get worried every time. The first incident was so overwhelming, I’m guessing that you go right back there. No matter what we do, we still get anxious every time. My daughter has epilepsy, and even though we got it under control in a fairly timely manner, just the mere thought of it returning makes me very anxious.

If you haven’t already spoken with a therapist, it might be something to consider. Your worry won’t go away, but you may learn some new strategies to help you get through it. In the meantime, we’re here for you.

Sharon from ModSupport

Thank you Sharon. I have been through therapy before regarding some different issues and It was very effective. I did learn some good coping skills and I always seem to get through it. Some days are just worse than others. I was diagnosed with PTSD when I was in therapy, prior to EDs rupture, and have had a few docs tell me that the rupture probably added to it. So, I just break out my little mental tool box, generally cook and/or clean something (do something that I can control). It helps boost me out of the feeling that I can’t control anything. Luckily, I’m smart enough to know that really the only things we have complete control over in our lives are our own reactions. Sometimes, I just need a reminder.

Then you definitely have the right idea, reaching out to us here. You have clearly proven that you are strong enough to deal with this, but it doesn’t always feel that way of course.


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